; The "Dangerous Queen"
Hello there! My name is Mio Akiyama, but you can call me Mio. I'm the Lead Singer and Bassist of my schools Light Music Club's band "After School Tea Time".
I love making new friends and meeting new people, but i'm also kind of shy... P-please be gentle
'Dangerous Queen'
Of The Light Music Club



For a short second Mio was a little disappointed she didn’t try to insult back, it’s no fun if it’s one-sided. Nevertheless she was only teasing and it was all in good fun. Besides everything scary in this town vanished long ago, save for a few strange individuals here and there. Mostly perverts. 

"Happy to oblige." It really was a very lucky coincidence she had these, and it was a good chance to make it up to her. Seems regardless of how much Rise reassured Mio, she’d still be stuck on the whole leeching thing. Even if being a national idol did make Rise a very a wealthy child. It eased her conscious enough to make her not fret over the ridiculous prices of movie food too much. "Ah- Well if it’s not too much to ask."


[ ♥ ] “It won’t be any trouble at all. Trust me.” She spoke with a wave of her hand. It was honestly touching to see Mio concerned regarding her funds, but of course being an idol had its privileges. Aside from a bit of shopping with Naoto, Chie and Yukiko, she doesn’t really spend her money on anything else.

Bringing out her purse, she asked. “So what kind of popcorn and drink do you want?” Of course it was necessary question. Not only would it be rude not to, but it’d also be a waste of money and snacks to get something either of them wouldn’t eat.


"Well if you’re sure…" She supposed it would be better to stop thinking about it, vacation or not, a rinkydink movie snack isn’t going to put much of a dent in her wallet. "Salted rather than buttered, and a coke." In the end Mio was taking care of the larger portion of the bill anyway, Y900 per ticket after all. 

After getting inside after handing over the passes and getting the snacks, she looked at the genre options from a menu listing, and she froze up when a new version of Rome and Juliet was included in the listing. She looked like she’d seen a ghost, prompting Rise to ask what was wrong. “I was forced into the role of Rom(i)o for a school play a few months back.” Upon hearing that Rise was headed full speed ahead toward the theater marked for Romeo and Juliet, dragging Mio with her.

Its really sad when roleplayers leave. When you look up their blog, and you get “theres nothing here”. Well there was. There was someone there. And they were something. And when you look over their blog, and you see that they haven’t posted anything in months or years. That’s sad too. It breaks my heart every time I see it. Because even though I might not have known this person, someone else did. Their muse had friends, connections. And now they’re gone. And it hurts. Because we lost one of our own. We role players gotta stick together. Because when the world beats us up, we’ve got another world to escape to.

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"You! What the hell do you want now?! No apology can fix the damage you’ve done to me! First you Kyuu my bass, okay, it’s just an instrument, I can get another. Then you Kyuu that dog because it bit you. And then… And then!! I finally introduce you to one  of my friends, and when one of them starts annoying you slightly… You… You… You!!- You Kyuu them all! You killed all of my friends! What more do you want me from me?! I have nothing left for you to take! Oh… Oh ho, oh no- I am going to die, I am going to join them, but it will not be by your hands!"

That pissed her off. “Are you mocking me? What’s in the past cannot be undone, and even if it could, I would not want a half-assed attempt like that. Reversing the affects, yet leaving my friends dead… Would only lead me to the same end anyway.” Mio was a scared and lonely child, unable to approach anyone, it was Ritsu who came to her first as an act of kindness, and showed her the world, and the ability to make friends. Without her she was nothing, at the time Mio was a kid, but after growing up and learning the truth of the world, without a single friend at her side, she’d eventually commit suicide regardless. 

"I’m going to die anyway, but don’t you insult me by telling me to forget everything that’s happened! My not knowing how my friends died would not change that they died at all. Memories good, and memories bad, cherished, and despised… No matter how they affect me I do not ever want to lose them, from my first concert, to the day I took you in, to the day I ended up here, I do not want to lose any of them no matter how much they hurt me. Joy and happiness, pain and sorrow, these are what it means to truly be alive." With a cold glare she said "I see, you intend to steal everything from me again do you?"

"I’m not mocking you! And it wouldn’t do that! It’d be like if I never met you, so your dumb friends would be alive again!" Flan shouted angrily…before glancing away and closing her eyes. She didn’t want to cry about this because she knew it wouldn’t help any. It hurt so much to have been the one to cause this, too, and to have no way of fixing it. That was what it meant to be her, huh? She really did break things, and sometimes things were broken more than they could handle.

They were broken so much that they couldn’t be put back together again. “I don’t want to steal anything from you, Mio…” Flan said, frowning. She was still looking away from the other girl, not exactly trusting herself here at all. “I want to…” she couldn’t say it, even if she desperately wanted to. This was…this was really making her regret her own existence. She wanted to die, truthfully. But Mio couldn’t grant that, wouldn’t grant that as she was now, as she had already admitted.

"…I’m just gonna go. Nothin’ I say or do can fix this…" the girl trailed off, turning to leave. What was the point of staying when she already knew she’d messed up the one good thing she’d been doing?

For a moment. For a single solitary moment Mio wavered. She wanted to stop her. She wanted, to know… Her body was still in pain, and her mind still in shock, so all she could respond with was something more primal, more instinctual, something more likely to elicit a reaction, than ask a question, and with nerves on autopilot, she couldn’t stop herself. “Is that supposed to be some sick joke? Are you actually telling me I suffered for nothing? I’ve lost hair, weight, sleep, you caused all this.. And for what?! To tell me it was all meaningless?! All a game, all an act?! That I got a game over, or a bad end and that I can just reset?!” The implications of what Flandre just said made Mio want to lunge for her throat, but she knew all to well what would happen if she did. 

She sat back against the wall of her cell, refusing to look at her, and speaking in a somber, regretful tone. “You know, I really believed in you, I really trusted you, I honestly thought you had so much potential. When they all met you they all loved you immediately. Yui loved how cute and playful you were. Mugi loved your affinity for sweets. Ritsu loved your quirky side. Azusa loved having someone finally smaller than her. I loved you as though you were my own flesh and blood, my own sister, I gave you everything your demon of a real sister never could. For the past month I’ve been asking myself again, and again, and again, ad-infinitum, where did I go wrong in raising you, providing for you, teaching you? Where did I screw up along the way to make you do such a thing, after all we’ve been through.” Flandre couldn’t see it, but their were tears streaming down Mio’s face as she spoke, and when they hit the ground, the sound was clear as any, that she was crying. 

Does anyone know of anyone who can recreate a game case or DVD case? Or like large limited edition box or something?


TFW people complain about Marie without ever having played Persona 4 Golden

Artist: Ritsu Tainaka
Album: K-ON! Character Image Song Series - Ritsu Tainaka
Song: Girly Storm Shissou Stick
Plays: 1,573


"Girly Storm Shissou Stick" - Ritsu Tainaka

Even if wishes of this and that 
Come into my mind
Both my hands and legs 
Move before I speak DRUMMER

The quickest one wins
This is the usual state of the world, right?
I tightly grasp the passionate sticks

ONE, TWO, THREE! Sprint with all your might
A young girl’s wild ride
Raise tension, look forward and go!
Kicking tears and keeping smiles
I turn the flashy tom-tom
Summon the storm! Summon only HAPPINESS!!

I suppose that even if 
I want things here and there
If I live through a single thread 
My days are definitely a shiny DRAMA

Afternoon and evening 
I investigate with a cool fill
I even turn my mechanical pencils into drum sticks

ONE, TWO, THREE! Sprint with all your might
Thoughts begin to boil
Seize the bangs of Lady Luck
ALRIGHT, assemble! Just believe and it’s an easy victory!
Open hands and minds
Come, storm! I’m ready for you, come!!

Always watching, I’m always watching everyone
Did you know? The back is honest!
Everyone’s “happiness” and “sadness”
I’m experiencing all of it together with you
Because, because… I’m club president!!

ONE, TWO, THREE! Sprint with all your might
A young girl’s wild ride
Raise tension, look forward and go!
Kicking tears and keeping smiles 
I turn the flashy tom-tom
Summon the storm! Summon only HAPPINESS!!

Lyrics taken from K-ON! Wiki.



"Being honest, I never really thought the band would take off as much as it has, we’ve performed several times in school, and a couple of times at this one concert house, because our teacher is a friend of the owner, I’m happy that it’s been this successful, but I always thought it would be nothing more than a large hobby, seeing how seriously they take it though, it makes me glad I started playing in the first place, the moments we’ve shared in practice and in concert are some of the best moments of my life." She mused. "Well it’s not so much that I don’t think we’re good, reception has more than proven we’re good, it’s more the sheer number of other bands we face as competition. I like to think practically about things, I know we’re better and than some, and not as good as others, and that’s fine, being number 1 isn’t our goal anyway." Mio was fine being in the middle of the road, while she enjoyed her music a great deal, she didn’t want it to consume her whole life, a labor of love versus a labor of labor sort of deal.


"Well, most people think that what they do won’t go to great heights, but in reality, anything that anyone does could reach the high points. I understand where you come from, since when Kyouko and I started our band, we didn’t really expect many to come and watch, but look where we are now; so many people come to see us, and they love what we do. I know that we aren’t the best, but that won’t stop us from aspiring to being number 1!" It seems this talk was getting her in a heated mood, but she seemed to calm down rather quickly. "It’s nice to know you guys enjoy practicing together. I always think it’s better than doing a live performance. On stage you put up an act, but when you’re practicing, you can be who you truely are without judgement. I’m a bit envious of you though, since all of your friends practice together with you constantly. It’s different for us, and I want to do more than meet up every once in a while to perform and practice solo…" There was a small sigh after that. "Really, I know you’ll all do great in life, no matter what your choice may be."

"I suppose you’re right about that, you never really know what’s gonna happen, mystery is the spice of life as they say." She chuckled a bit. "Still, often I sometimes wonder if we’d be better off if we never make/made it big? Can we continue to live how we want to live? Or if we become a recognizable name nationally, will we be living for ourselves, or for the fans?" Mio was being overdramatic, but as an avid fan of music, and as a girl who has studied bands copiously, she’s seen the effects it’s had on some people, producing albums until they die. She was decades away from that point, but worried all the same. 

"Well I certainly hope you succeed, with a voice like yours I know your talent can transcend even dimensional barriers, who knows, you might even make it to the top of charts here as well." She playfully teased her, she was still sincere in her sentiment. "The people of the village like you right? Have you considered perhaps trying to teach music to the children? Maybe even at the school, teaching a music class, showing how to sing, and play instruments?" Mio thought it would a great idea, not only to get to play more with people, but also spread music to the masses.


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Ritsu used tackle. It’s super effective.


Ritsu used tackle. It’s super effective.

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From within my forehead and my heart
I’m fully working to present the plan
I’m searching for your laugh and everyone’s laugh

"Mezase Happii 100%"
8/21—Happy Birthday Ritsu!

Random Gifs | K-ON! - Tainaka Ritsu (田井中 律)

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Pardon me and my infinite boredom



Pardon me and my infinite boredom